Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers in Print

Earlier this week, I completed the last few steps to get Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers available in print.

Thanks to the efforts of Scott Deyett, cover designer extraordinaire, we uploaded the covers with the new logo, correct ISBN, and price codes. Ingram Spark now has the print editions in print-on-demand for bookstores and libraries. Ingram’s Advance book listing will promote both titles to bookstores and libraries in all their markets in the next issue.

What this means:

— You may  order print copies of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers through your favorite bookstore in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and beyond.

— You can ask them to carry the books as they are returnable.

— Print copies of both titles are available to libraries across the country, Canada, UK, Australia, and beyond.

Here are the new covers for Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers using the BugBear Books logo and new ISBNs:








What else this means: I’m taking a risk by making the books returnable. Any books sold to US bookstores and returned come back to me. I pay shipping and the wholesale cost of the books. If they are in good shape, I can resell them at signings and such. If not, they get recycled. Books sold to bookstores in foreign markets and returned are destroyed and I take the hit.

So, here we are. This summer was a blur with selling a house, buying a house, storing stuff, moving stuff, and all that goes with that. In the middle of all this, I worked through Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers when I could to clean them up and prep them for print. I had little time for anything else.

Now, the third entry in the Spirit Missions series will get much more attention. Promise.

Keep writing.


Still Here

Still Here

In case you were wondering, I’m still here. Our move and other events took over my time and attention and I haven’t been able to post regularly. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back to my regular schedule–such as it is.

When I have a little time, I work on the third installment of Spirit Missions, sort out some marketing ideas, and connect with my cover designer on the new logo and other items.  So, look for some promotion of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers early or mid-July, and the launch of the print versions sometime in late July.

I did manage to ride for a couple of hours the other day and got to see some eagles sitting on a nest atop a power pole. Summer is coming on strong here and the days are getting warmer.

Hard to believe it is almost July already.

Keep writing.




All my display and promotional material arrived. I have the new postcard-size promo cards for Nasty Leftovers, the table-top banners, and the table runner. I’m all set for conferences, signings, events, whatever comes down the road.

Promo stuff 2Thanks to my cover designer, Scott Deyett, I’m ready to go look professional. Most who know me will call this a minor miracle.

So, when you come to MisCon 30, the Twin Falls book event at Barnes & Noble, or the Montana Book Festival, you can look for these things and that’s where you’ll find me! I ordered all of it so I can carry it easily in my motorcycle luggage. It is small, light and easily mobile.

This seems a little “self-promotion-y” but it is actually part of the author platform. You need products like this so your table at readings, signings, conventions, conferences, or festivals looks like a serious author is sitting there. Just like the web site, blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and other social media venues, the table-top material is part of that platform.

I feel blessed in finding Scott, who–with his design skills, masterful covers, and access to these kinds of products–helps me get this important part of my platform built. You’ll be surprised how inexpensive this is.

Keep writing.



It’s Launch Day

It’s Launch Day

It’s Launch Day for Nasty Leftovers today! As I write this post, my publisher is getting the book up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBook. The ebook is available, but print copies may be a few days out, yet.

Nasty Leftovers-correct (1)You should see some reviews right away. We sent advanced review copies (ARCs) out to some reviewers ahead of the launch and most of those should be coming in over the next few days. One of my reviewers is caught in the Louisiana floods right now, so we may not get her review right away. The first review is already up on Amazon.

Getting the book ready for publishing isn’t a simple task. For just the ebook, getting the format and cover put together isn’t too difficult. A print version involves getting the format done first, then getting the cover done with the correct size spine for the page count, and the images set with the correct color settings. I’m just glad I have Vox Dei Publishing and Booktrope Editions to handle those tasks and get the book launched.

Getting the book written, edited, rewritten, edited again, revised, proofread, corrected and finally uploaded is enough work to keep me busy. My team at Vox Dei has been a real blessing and they all worked hard to make Nasty Leftovers a strong, powerful story, with a drop-dead gorgeous cover. I have to thank Scott Deyett for this cover (and link to his business).

Nasty Leftovers is available at:

Paperback or ebook on Amazon: Nasty Leftovers

Barnes & Noble Paperback or Nook ebook: Nasty Leftovers

Apple iBook: Nasty Leftovers

(Note: Links will be includes when books are available at that vendor)

Thank you for your patience and support. This has been a wonderful journey. Now to start on the third installment.

Keep writing.