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We have a cover! Scott Deyett did some fantastic graphic work using my photo and other materials to create an amazing cover.

Check it out below.

There is a bit more work to do, but I expect we will be launching in print on Kindle soon. I was hoping to do a pre-order, but that is not available for print. As things stand right now, the book will show up with Dad–Vergil H. Pace–as author, but will be included in my list of books. As part of BugBear Books.

Price for the book will be $20.95. I had hoped for a lower price, but the costs of printing, with interior color and images made it impossible to do for less. Even so, I hope to just cover the costs of the cover and editorial support, and still get the memoir to a wider audience.

So, share this with friends, family, and others who might want to have a memoir from someone who touched a lot of lives and left a visible and lasting legacy.

Thanks, and Keep Writing!

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