New Kid

This is a short story that I wrote for a Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association writing contest. While it did not win in the short story category (competition was very stiff), it did score very high. The story is about a young boy dealing with the nomadic life his parents lead among the stars, and always being the “new kid” at school.

It made its way through a number of submissions and rejections until on March 9, 2014, I received an acceptance letter. The magazine is Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, published out of Victoria, BC, Canada. Below is the web site of the magazine and where you can buy a subscription. The magazine, Issue #25, is in print and available.

NEO-OPSIS Science Fiction Magazine


Other projects: The following projects are in the works (or are in stasis) and will (or may) appear at a later date. These all need some rewriting, revision, and editing.

  • The Deadliest of Games — This story started out as a long short story. I rewrote it to  a novelette length and submitted it to Writers of the Future. It did not place. After rejections from a few more markets, it is sitting in the drawer for a while.
  • Memories, Maybe — This is a collection of shorter work, including short stories and flash fiction. Currently in planning.

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