New Kid

This is a short story that I wrote for a Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association writing contest. While it did not win in the short story category (competition was very stiff), it did score very high. The story is about a young boy dealing with the nomadic life his parents lead among the stars, and always being the “new kid” at school.

It made its way through a number of submissions and rejections until on March 9, 2014, I received an acceptance letter. The magazine is Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, published out of Victoria, BC, Canada. Below is the web site of the magazine and where you can buy a subscription. The magazine, Issue #25, is in print and available.

NEO-OPSIS Science Fiction Magazine


Carolina Dawn (working title)

Amy Grossman must decide about Paul Shannon’s proposal. Guilt over Joe Banes’ death still eats at her. Then there is Lucy–a competitor for Paul’s affection–to deal with. She also fills her days with gardening, handling power outages, and perimeter guard duty.

A stranger arrives with dire news turning Amy’s life new directions. With its very survival on the line, the community must pull together one more time.

She knows God has a plan for her, but surely ending up zombie food couldn’t be part of that plan.

Could it?

Carolina Dawn has gone through two rounds with a professional editor and is now back in my hands for final work and formatting.


Other projects: The following projects are in the works (or are in stasis) and will (or may) appear at a later date. These all need some rewriting, revision, and editing.

  • The Deadliest of Games — This story started out as a long short story. I rewrote it to  a novelette length and submitted it to Writers of the Future. It did not place. After rejections from a few more markets, it is sitting in the drawer for a while.
  • Memories, Maybe — This is a collection of shorter work, including short stories and flash fiction. Currently in planning.


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