Born in Great Falls, MT, Guy spent the bulk of his growing-up years as a nomad. He attended 21 schools throughout the Northwest before graduating from high school in Madras, OR.

Christian YA Author | Guy L. Pace

Guy L. Pace

He joined the US Navy in 1970 and served on the USS Newport News (CA-148), including combat operations in Vietnam in 1972. His specialty in the Navy was Journalist (JO).

He worked as a journalist after the Navy, primarily in community newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor and managing editor. Later he changed careers, getting into computer support, training, system and network administration, and information security. He retired in 2011 after more than 20 years working in higher education in Washington State, and retired his Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP) in 2012.

He lives with his wife, Connie, in Spokane, WA, where he spends time with children, grandchildren, and gets to ride his Harley-Davidson.

Guy Says:

I write Christian-based science fiction and action adventure novels for younger readers and adults, short stories in science fiction and other projects.

My science fiction projects generally center on a universe concept I call The Expansion. In this concept, humanity leap-frogs out from our solar system to habitable planets circling nearby stars, then further out. As technology and ability improve, colonization continues to expand. The stories focus on specific colonies and their social, economic, trade and governance issues. They also explore the impact of time, distance and space travel on the people.

Younger readers projects center on early teen protagonists faced with challenges to their Christian faith in dystopian futures and chaotic near futures.



  1. New to Pinterest (this is so funny) and I thought somehow one could stalk someone, somehow through the site. I am still smiling, but once I clicked on your name I realized you are just another biker and so we have a common interest. With all that said, I am now calmed and my paranoia has subsided. Any personal suggestions as to things or roads I should not miss in your neck of the woods on my “tour America” trip this summer.


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