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As of today, Sudden Mission is on schedule to relaunch tomorrow. Nasty Leftovers is still in the works and I hope to have it up tomorrow or June 2. Both books will be available in ebook form on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Nook (assuming Barnes & Noble gets on the stick and verifies my info).

I’ll be updating links on the book’s pages as they become live and as I get to them. So, watch the links as they come live!

This last weekend, I was in Missoula, MT, for MisCon 30. I had a great time participating in panels with other writers and guests. I met Brian Rathbone and Peter J. Wacks for the first time, and met some other writers once again. Some after many years. Working with these folks on panels was a privilege, educational, and entertaining.

Who you gonna call?
Who you gonna call?

One of the panels was “Clash of the Titans: Horror Monsters and Science.” James Glass (Spokane), Brook Stanley (Barrow, Alaska), Corey Ragsdale (Missoula), and myself had a lot of fun talking about horror monsters and what could and could not happen.

Costumes were everywhere, and some were very good. A costume parade was arranged Friday afternoon and the participants took the parade around downtown Missoula. I heard comments about it in my hotel, which was a long way from the heart of town.

I gave out promo cards, business cards and talked to a lot of folks. Being in this transitional time, between publisher and self-published, was a little weird.

MisCon is a smaller convention, but I think it will become a regular event on my schedule.

Keep writing.

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