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A long-time friend visited recently. We worked together in newspapers many years ago and been there for each other during difficult times.

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His name is Jim Morgan. He worked in project management, team building, and organizational effectiveness for many years until he decided to retire. He now focuses on The American Revolution Tour of North Carolina. He describes it as “Your online guide to 90+ sites, bringing to life battles, protests, tragedies, women, minorities, and more.”

Since I’ve known and worked with Jim for many years, I know how meticulous he is about his research. So, it is no surprise what used to be about 30+ sites in North Carolina related to the Revolutionary War, he’s expanded that to 90+.


One example is one of the most notable strategic retreats in military history, The Crossing of the Dan. Jim and an associate managed with some technology and careful research, found the actual location of the original ferry and crossing site used by the Continentals.

There is more, of course. But, it you check out the link to the crossing, you’ll find a detailed discussion of what happened and how it all worked out. You’ll also get details on how to put your feet in the places those revolutionaries walked.

Keep this link handy if you get to North Carolina and want to visit the historical sites of that portion of the American Revolution!

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