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Unfortunately, the planned ride will not happen. The primary reason is the strange late spring weather. After a hard ride to Pocatello Saturday, getting hit by some of the worst of the weather, I had to re-examine the planned route.

In the process, I found that the original route would have very difficult weather. In some cases, winter weather that would not be safe.

I looked over other routes and had a few promising ideas. However, the primary blockage is the weather around southeastern Wyoming. Delaying the trip for a couple days seemed possible, so long as we could make the hotel reservation in New Jersey on time.

As it happens, weather changes–it seems–on the hour. Even with a six day route, issues such as winter weather warnings, flooding, predicted thunderstorms, and wintry mixes of rain/snow blocked every path. Getting wet isn’t too much of a problem, unless the temps are so low that wind chill becomes a factor. To be honest, this is the worst late May weather mix I’ve seen.

Ride Change

After some discussion with my cousin Butch, we decided to take advantage of a weather window this week and starting on Wednesday do a couple day ride into Utah and Nevada. Butch hasn’t been to the Salt Flats, so we’ll head that way, then down to US 50 and across into Nevada. That picture above is actually a bit of US 50 in Utah. We may even explore the Lehman Caves in the Great Basin.

I will still provide updates, photos, and commentary once we are on the road to social media: Twitter (@rapier57), MeWe (Guy Pace), Truth Social (@rapier57). We may even try a few videos as we go along and post those on Rumble (rapier57). If you have an account on any of these, make sure you connect soon, or set up an account so you can follow along. Just so you know, I left Facebook some time ago and won’t be going back. Details on that are here.

I’m looking forward to traveling with cousin Butch. We’ve had a few rides together before and always had a good time. I wish my brother Kirk could come along, but he can’t get that much time off work. So, this is a benefit of being retired!

I’m pretty disappointed in missing this reunion. There may be a future opportunity.

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