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When the big trip went bust, I still did a short run with cousin Butch. We went west and south from Pocatello, ID and explored some roads in southern Idaho and northwest Utah, down through Nevada to Wendover and Bonneville Salt Flats. Then down through Utah to Delta, then on US 50 across to Ely, NV, and then US 93 to Wells, NV. We didn’t get the pictures and postings to social media. Time and signal didn’t work out.

The next day, we rode from Wells to Twin Falls, ID where Bruce went east to Pocatello and I made the long run home to Spokane. Yes, there was some weather.

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley”

Robert Burns

Still, there were some Road Thoughts.

Power poles along a highway with broken crossbeams, hanging wires. Must have been a harsh spring.

When you are riding on a highway, and the only green direction signs you see point to a named family farm, you might be lost.

Sign on a Utah country road indicates 80+ miles to next services. We almost made it, but cousin’s bike ran out of fuel. Should have gone out of the way for a few miles to gas up before turning down that road.

Sign in Nevada says 123 miles to next services. Gas up. Yep.

A river with a family name. A lake with a family name (when it is there). A company with a family name. Hmmm … some of the family must have been in these parts.

Hmmm … that abandoned hot springs I saw 2018 is still there.

Keep writing!

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