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Over the next few weeks, I will transition homes and then begin transition of my books to a print edition. I’m looking forward to the new home. I’m of two minds on how to do the print editions.

The new home is a little roomier and has a place for the motorcycle, as well as an interesting location for an office. And a garden. Hmmmm … so, as the season progresses, I’ll be able to just go out in the back and pick fresh fruit and veggies. What a concept!

I’m still studying the pros and cons of a couple of different approaches to putting the books in print. What I want to do is have a print edition available for those readers who like print. I also want to have a print edition available in a way that allows bookstores who want to carry the books to do so. I’d like libraries to order copies for their collections, as well.

There are upfront costs for this level of print. There are also backend, behind the scenes costs. If you wonder why the big publishing houses charge so much for a paper or hard bound edition of a book, this is one of the costs they have to cover. Returns and returns that can’t resell.

My new garage may have more space, but I don’t want to fill it up with books. I may just have to bite the bullet.

Keep writing.

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