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Next Steps

Both Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers are now available in e-book at four major e-book retailers (see the pages for each book). The next steps include getting the print book cover revised with a new logo and a print edition formatted.

This work will take a few weeks. I also have some decisions to make around that. So, stay tuned, I’ll post about that as soon as I have information.

If you check the books online, you’ll see that I gave the series a name: Spirit Missions. I hope you agree the name fits.

In other news, MisCon 30 was a lot of fun. Granddaughter number six arrived just before I left for Missoula. I got to the con just in time to moderate my first panel. So, I had a good excuse.

This weekend is Barnes & Nobles Teen Book Festival. I’ll be on a panel at the Barnes & Noble in Spokane Valley (out by the Valley Mall) with some other writers of teen books, and helping out with some of the activities afterward.

I am working on the third book in the Spirit Missions series. All this mess with the publisher closing doors, relaunching as self-published, some travel and other things have dragged me away from the keyboard more than I’d like. But, it is taking shape.

Keep writing.

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