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As the snow flies here, I’m getting ready to publish my adoptive father’s (Vergil H. Pace) memoir. The title is: But, I Thought … . Before his passing last January, he had written a couple versions of this memoir and had them printed up in a couple of versions.

Title | Guy L. Pace

Since his passing, I’ve gone through the memoir. There is a lot there that should be shared so I made a decision to get it into better shape, clean up some of the pictures, get an editor on it and come up with a good cover for it.

Dad did have a cover for a perfect bound version he printed, but I couldn’t find the images for it. The last of the copies available disappeared at his memorial service. So, I got a photo that fit and got a cover made.

My favorite cover guy, Scott Deyett from upstate New York (he’s updating his web site), is finalizing some details on the cover and we should have a reveal in a few days.

I brought JC Wing in to do the editing. She’s fantastic and helped standardize the text and clean up the book. She also brought out some oddities in the text that we sorted through and got corrected.

Memoirs are hard. Memoir authors must address things in their lives that are difficult, sometimes tragic. Dad did that and did it in a very open, honest way. He also described some of his triumphs with modesty. One of the things I hope I did in getting this to publication is to highlight some of those triumphs and the legacy he left.

If all goes well, the cover reveal will be shortly after January 1, 2021. Barring any difficulties, the book should be published as a print book later in January. I hope to have it available for pre-order on Amazon as soon as possible. The plan is to only have a print book.

I hope to reach all the family and friends who have been asking about this in the next few days.

Thank you, and keep writing!

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