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Photo by Scott Deyett

But, I Thought …, by Vergil H. Pace–my adoptive father’s memoir–is now available on Amazon! This came a little sooner than I expected, but it’s here!

While the book is available for order, it may take a day or two to ship. The “look inside” feature may not be available until a week from today.

If you got one of the copies Dad had printed last year or before, please understand that there may be changes and I chose a few different photos to include. I tried to repair some of the photos. Dad’s scanner left a streak on many and some I was able to fix. Others not so much.

Also, there were some corrections to dates, and fixes for grammar and spelling. Lots of footnotes to provide some clarity and background.

Lots of help

Still, I did my best to preserve his memoir as he would have wanted. My editor, JC Wing, did yeoman’s work on the text and helped me with some confusing parts.

And, of course, Scott Deyett did some great work on the cover. Thanks, Scott!

I thought about making an ebook edition, and I may do that at a later date. It will take some reformatting and reorganization to get it into an ebook with all the photos.

As for the price, the $20.95 helps cover the costs for color printing, editing, and cover. Thanks for all the support and interest. I hope this is a good read and enjoyed by a wide audience. For now, the book will only be available on Amazon.

Keep writing.

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