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Since the passing of my Dad, I’ve been working on his memoir and wrapping up tasks assigned to me in his will. I won’t go into the excruciating details. Just know that what seemed simple at first … well, wasn’t simple.

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One of the monkey wrenches thrown into the works was the COVID-19 pandemic. State offices closed for a couple of months. Tasks that should have taken a month took three. Twists and turns came in the mail in the form of bills misdirected, or information that would have been great to have four months earlier.

And, who would have thought that getting a value for classic art and setting it up to sell and forward proceeds to a charity would be a challenge? Yeah.

Well, we (my siblings and I) thought Dad had done a good job to set up the will and other things in advance to smooth out all these last details. He did, but a lot of things weren’t anticipated. To add to the complications, every state has different laws regarding property, disposition of property, and transfer of property.


Had some of this been anticipated, we could have smoothed out a lot of the problems ahead of time. As it was, I got a pretty extensive education on title transfer, insurance billing, inter-sibling issues, Medicaid policy, bureaucracy, and a number of other topics.

Through all this, and with the help of my editor, I got Dad’s memoir ready. I’m formatting it for ebook and paperback and will get a cover prepped. I even have ISBN’s for both ebook and paperback. Well, the ebook won’t be free, unless you have Kindle Unlimited, but will be cheap. I still have to sort out costs to determine the price for the paperback.

I hope to have a pub date to announced soon. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Keep writing!

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