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Starting July 1, 2020, through July 4, my Spirit Missions books Sudden Mission, Nasty Leftovers, and Carolina Dawn will be on a countdown promotion on Amazon.

Covers | Guy L. Pace

In the US, the price will drop on July 1 to $0.99 per ebook copy. In the UK, the price will drop to GBP 0.99. For various hours, the price will remain at that special level in each of those markets, then either increase to $1.99 or the GBP 1.99. In the US, the price will go back to the normal $2.99.

This countdown sale is just for the ebooks, and of course, just on Amazon. Alongside this, I’m also running an ad promotion for all three books which should help boost sales as it has in the past.

Much as I wish I didn’t have to be tied to Amazon, as an independent author, it is the only venue that provides the reach and access to my books for readers around the world.

The print books are available via any bookstore anywhere, thanks to IngramSpark. Yes, you likely have to ask for them and special order them. But, you can get them. Their on-demand print operation makes the books available to just about any country around the world. Granted, most of the sales internationally to date are in English-speaking countries.

And, to any bookseller or bookstore, if you order to stock my books in your store, let me know. I will make every effort to promote your store via social media. If possible, I’ll even visit for a signing date or talk. Use the contact form to let me know.

So, get set for some summer reading! Let your friends and family know. Young readers will be glad to get something different and refreshing after all these months of online learning materials.

Keep writing!