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First Friday

Last night was First Friday in Spokane. This is a promoted set of events in downtown Spokane and I arranged with Bobby Enslow of Indaba Coffee to do a reading of Nasty Leftovers.

But, First Friday is actually a three-hour thing, 5 to 8 pm. There was no way I could read and talk for three hours. We trimmed the time to two hours, but that was still too much. A friend, Nicole Lewis, suggested we bring in a musical duo, Blue Eyed Minds, to provide some musical entertainment. That sounded like a wonderful idea. Annika and Darby are very talented musicians and did a great job, especially since this was their first public performance outside of a party.

Blue Eyed Minds
Blue Eyed Minds, Annika and Darby.

Nicole even did a short set of some of her new work.

So, we had music and literature. And a lot of fun. One of the great things was Annika and Darby and some of the friends they brought along are right in the target demographic of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers readership! We are exploring similar music/literature mix events in other venues in Spokane.

There is an update on the Barnes & Noble event in Twin Falls, Idaho. I’ll be at the bookstore on April 16 from noon to 4, maybe 5, pm. If you are in the Southern Idaho area and can make it to that event, please stop by! Check back on the Events page for updates.

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