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We all make plans. Fortunately, most of them come out just fine.

I planned a trip to Twin Falls, ID (see Events) for mid-April. Easter Sunday, my wife broke a bone in her foot in a fall. Today, we visited a specialist and he determined that she will be fine if she keeps the foot protected and uses a special shoe.


So, it turns out we can make the trip together and I won’t have to make this run alone. Barring any other accidents, we will be in Twin Falls on April 16. It turns out Dad has the family and friends across Southern Idaho coming and is planning a reception after the book event at the Barnes & Noble there.

In other news, I am still attending and participating in MisCon 30 (see Events). I got information the other day that a vendor will be consigning my books at his booth. So there will be a limited number of copies of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers available for signing. According to my contact, there will be four hour-long signing sessions. I don’t know when mine will be, yet.

If you already bought, or plan to buy, print copies of either book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble–and are attending MisCon in Missoula–feel free to bring it/them and I’ll sign it/them.

The weather is warming up and I’ve been out on frequent rides in the local area. It looks like it will be a beautiful spring and summer around here. Enjoy!

Keep writing.

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