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The Lead

If It Bleeds … You probably heard a number of old print newspaper tropes like, “if it bleeds, it leads,” and “you buried the lead.” The word as I’m using it here (sometimes spelled “lede” lately to differentiate it from its homonyms) refers to the first paragraph of a news story. The version of the term, lede, Continue Reading

Character Sketches

Character Sketches Character sketches are outlines that offer huge insight into a fictional personality used in a story. In my case, my sketches grow and refine as I go along. When a character first comes along, I set up a sketch that provides some background and back story that helps round out who that person Continue Reading


Faith “Faith, I can move the mountain” — Hillsong One reviewer of Sudden Mission commented on how young the protagonists were and how ready they were to take on the tasks and challenges. The reviewer was skeptical. I don’t usually respond to a reviewer, other than to thank them. And, really, I’m not responding to or Continue Reading

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