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Rejection and Waiting, 2.0

The novel was recently rejected by a small science fiction press. To be honest, I didn’t really think it fit there, but they did ask for it after I pitched. So, I went through the process with them. I’ve toyed with the whole self-publish thing since hearing back on the novel and was about to Continue Reading

Rejection and Waiting

The Deadliest of Games is still making the rounds. I got another rejection this morning. Rejection is difficult and something you must expect when submitting to markets. It doesn’t mean that someone at some magazine or journal won’t find the story “fits” their publication. So, you keep trying. The novelette went back out within a Continue Reading

Neo-Opsis SFM

This is a little blatant promotion, today. The magazine that accepted my story, “New Kid,” is Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, out of Victoria, BC, Canada. The magazine’s publishing schedule has been a bit erratic of late, due to a number of personal blows in this family run operation. Normally, they publish three or four times a Continue Reading


The novelette The Deadliest of Games did not place in the Writers of the Future contest. I just got the notification. Unfortunately, there are few markets for this length for new writers. Most markets I’ve found only publish the novelette length when the author is well-known. I won’t give up. I think it is a Continue Reading

My First Short Story Sale

About a week ago, I got an email that started: “Thank you for the opportunity to read and consider your story …” Groan! So many rejection letters and emails started that way. The next phrases, though, included words like “publish” and “pay.” I had to re-read the email several times before the truth got through. I Continue Reading