A Long Week

It has been a long, busy week. Launch day for Sudden Mission was last Tuesday. WorldCon 2015 (Sasquan), the Hugos (yes, I voted), selling my book at an author table, signing my book for buyers — it’s all a blur now.

A friend took this at the Artist/Author Alley at WordCon, Thursday.

I met a number of other authors, a few also with Booktrope and its imprints. Bought a few books, traded a few books, and now I have a stack that will keep me in reading material for months. I also picked up a number of little trinkets for grandchildren and they love them.

At the Hugo Awards Ceremony, I sat next to a gentleman who currently works in information technology at a company I used to work for. We also knew some of the same people. How random is that?

The most frustrating part of last week involved shipping delays. I had ordered postcard-sized promotional media to hand out at the convention and other locations. The cards left the printer, second day air freight, on the 14th and didn’t arrive until the 21st. The tracking code showed the package left Arizona, went to Texas, then to Kentucky, back to Texas (two locations), then they figured out it needed to come to Washington. The package got to Spokane, and the driver couldn’t find my address.

I could have arranged for a Harley rider to bring it more quickly. Maybe I’ll arrange that for future shipments.

Still, I found meeting readers, other writers, artists, and folks in general fun and enriching. I’m planning to play a larger role in the local science fiction convention scene, as well as do some readings and signings in local establishments. Maybe I’ll get to other WorldCons in the future.

Now I will try to get back to rewriting and editing on the sequel to Sudden Mission and some other work.

For those of you who bought and read Sudden Mission (I know there are a couple of you), please take a few minutes to enter a rating on Goodreads or a review on Amazon. A little effort on your part goes a long way to helping a good book succeed. And, thank you.

Keep writing.


It Is Launch Day!

Sudden Mission CoverToday, August 18, is Sudden Mission launch day! The novel is released. Officially.

I say officially because Sudden Mission has been available at Amazon, Nook and Apple iBook for a few days. Yesterday, I had the pleasant surprise of finding the book ranked number one in its category on Amazon. And the day before, it got its first five star review! So, things are already moving along and the book is about to ride a wave of momentum.

Sudden Mission hit #1!
Sudden Mission hit #1!


Get Your Copy!

You can purchase your copy in ebook or print from these links on the Sudden Mission page.


Still, this is launch day and we have some fun things going on. We have a Rafflecopter giveaway! This is for a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you are on Goodreads, we are giving away two signed paperback copies. This is being set up by my wonderful book manager. I don’t know the specific details, other than they are paperback copies, I sign them, and they are free to whoever wins. That contest ends on September 18, 2015. You need to have a free Goodreads account to enter.

The giveaway on Goodreads is here.

Blog Tour

Then there is the blog tour:

Blog Tour – August 18th to August 21, 2015

August 19 – Seraphina Reads – Guest Post

August 21 – 2 More Than Just Coffee – Review

August 24 – The Teacher’s Friend – Review (This link is currently broken. It will be restored when the site is repaired.)

August 26 – 4 Amusing Musings (this one never showed)– Review

August 27 – Whispering Winds – Guest Post

August 28 – Kids Read Too! – Site got hacked. Sorry.

The guest posts are little guest blog entries I’ve offered up. The reviews are, I hope, glowing and positive.

If you check the Events Page, you’ll see I’m planning to sell and sign at WordCon here in Spokane. I’m also scheduled for the Montana Book Festival September 10-12.

Keep writing.


Blog Tour Begins

Today I got the word on the blog tour. It includes two guest blog posts on August 19 and 27, and reviews on blogs from August 21 through 28. That’s what we scheduled so far, according to my book manager.

So, my first assigned topic for the blog tour is:

What motivated you to become a children’s author?

A children’s author. Hmmm … I think I had an identity crisis for a moment.

Granted, Sudden Mission’s main characters are fourteen. That puts the novel at a middle grade category (ages about ten to fourteen). So, I guess by definition I’m a children’s author. Being the cooperative, responsible, wonderful person I am, I immediately hammered out a 500 word answer to the question and gave it to my book manager. All those years of newspaper work paid off, you see. I can do 500 words standing on my head.

I also made arrangements for a promotional card to hand out. Here are the two sides of it:

guy_p_pc_a guy_p_pc_b

My cover designer, Scott Deyett, via his business InHouse Graphics, LLC created this. I think it rocks.

I should have these in time for the WordCon author table I set up on August 20. Just in case I don’t have printed books. The final cover upload is done, the final layout is done–everything is done that needs to be done to get the book out now. There is just a bit more lead time before print copies are available. We’re hoping we can get 25 copies shipped to me before the 20th.

We will still release on August 18, and there will be fun and games involved with that. Stay tuned for more information on the release events.

Keep writing.

Cover Reveal: Sudden Mission

Sudden Mission Cover

Here is the cover for Sudden Mission! One of my early readers/editors saw this and said, “It’s perfect!” Below is part of the press kit for the book with marketing contact and information about Vox Dei.


About Sudden Mission

Satan, once one of God’s favorites, now His Adversary, grows impatient with the plan and begins to harvest souls. In a fell swoop, he throws reality out of whack and the world into chaos. God calls on Paul and his friends Amy and Joe to set things right. The young teens journey through a messed up world—with a little help from an angel—struggling against everything the Adversary can throw in their path to accomplish their Sudden Mission.

With their world and their parents’ lives hanging in the balance–and the Adversary sending everything from zombies to samurai to stand in their way–Paul will discover if he has the strength and faith to set things right again and stop Satan’s harvest.

Publishing/Marketing Contact

Kathy Marks
Book Marketing Manager
Booktrope Publishing



Our name rhymes with Fox Day. We’re an imprint of Booktrope, a new type of publishing company founded in 2011 in Seattle, WA that’s pioneering a model called team publishing. Our mission at Vox Dei is to provide books for a primarily Christian audience that edify and entertain, encourage and inspire. While Christian themes are woven throughout our fiction, our purpose is not to preach a sermon but rather provide a quality alternative to the secular market for entertainment. Our non-fiction titles are intended to help readers explore the Bible in a more personal way and grow in their walk with Christ, while being informal in voice and approach. Whether fiction or non, our goal is to shine the light and love that is central to the Christian faith into a dark and messy world. Learn more at voxdeipublishing.com.



The cover reveal is July 6, 2015.

I’m working with the team at Vox Dei Publications to finalize things and we are about to complete the format of the book. A newsletter will go our to bloggers and reviewers on Monday, July 6, with details of Sudden Mission and at the same time, we will reveal the cover here and in other media.

A litte more than a month from the cover reveal, the book will be released. It seemed so far away at the beginning.

If you are on Goodreads, check this link for progress, as well as this site. Keep up on things by subscribing to this site (see the widget in the sidebar). You can follow me on Twitter, @rapier57, or check my Facebook author page.  I can always use a few more likes on that page, too.

Find out more about Booktrope and Vox Dei Publishing. If you are looking for a home for your books and stories, check them out.