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These days seem like they came right out of a post-apocalyptic novel. No, I’m not infected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither is my wife. However, we’ve been isolated in our home (sort of) for the last week or so.

Pandemic | Guy L. Pace

I say “sort of,” because I get to go to the grocery stores, Costco, and the drug stores. I even had a couple of hours on the motorcycle yesterday. So refreshing! We thought we might see more of the kids and grandkids, but everyone is staying home as much as possible.

Our police officer son is dealing with changed procedures involving public contact. Our counselor daughter is “tele-med’ing” to get her work done and at home with her daughter. Our esthetician daughter is shut down altogether, so is at home with her kids. The state and local government response to the pandemic has driven us all home.

Reduce Anxiety

I do my best to reduce the family’s anxiety. It isn’t always successful. And, not much I can do for everyone else, either. I have a prescription to pick up at Costco. I went down there the other day. Just for that. Costco is restricting access to the store, so the line at the time went almost all the way around the building. I gave up. Fortunately, I won’t die without that prescription.

Sometimes I think our Washington Governor’s edicts have been more than Draconian. Especially when the bulk of the state is only marginally affected.

But, that’s not my role. I’m a grandpa that doesn’t get to see his grandkids much lately.

I would love to watch some of the various disaster movies, especially Quarantine, Andromeda Strain, Contagion, Outbreak, and others. But, these would scare my wife too much. So, we watch romance shows (ugh).

Great Reading

Fortunately, there are some great post-apocalyptic books. Fellow Christian author Jamie Lee Grey has two series. Band of Believers and Daughter of Babylon. I highly recommend them. The Daughter of Babylon series isn’t finished, yet. But the first four books will keep you on the edge of your seat. They are all on Kindle Unlimited, so you can just pig out!

There are others, as well. You can find the original Andromeda Strain and The Stand on Amazon. Great books.

My own Spirit Missions series isn’t a pandemic series, and targeted to a younger audience. But, may be a good, inspirational read for teen and young adult readers during this time.

So, I hope the above helps you through the self- or imposed quarantines over the next couple of week or so. Stay faithful. Stay healthy.

Keep writing.