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Almost a year ago, I returned the electronic versions of the Spirit Missions series to Nook, Kobo, and Apple Books. Change is a constant, of course. Today, I decided to go back exlusively to Kindle (KDP Select). There are a number of reasons.

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First. Apple Books, Nook, and Kobo had no sales of the Spirit Missions ebooks in the last 11 months. I thought expanding the offering to these other venues might help, but it didn’t. The Spirit Missions paperbacks still sell well and both Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide access there.

Second. Amazon, in Kindle Unlimited, pays by pages read by customers. This is a more flexible access for readers, because they don’t have to buy the book, they can check it out and read. It’s all part of their Unlimited subscription or Amazon Prime account.

Third. With the KDP, I have more flexibility in promotions and ads. And that helps me reach more readers. I didn’t realize the kind of hobble I put on my promotion efforts after I left the exclusive relationship with Kindle. Well, live and learn.

I know I went back and forth on this before, but I’m going to make this permanent in the near future. The pain and suffering getting the books back up to the other venues was just too much. There are still some issues at Amazon with how they categorize Spirit Missions books. The print books are all in the teen/YA category, but the ebooks somehow got put in the children’s category. I’ll continue to work to change that.

All this, as I get near to putting my Dad’s memoir up on Amazon. Should be a fun project.

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