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Stay | Guy L. Pace

Yes. Stay at home. Stay healthy. That’s the mantra going around in our city and state.

It’s getting difficult to just stay at home. A couple in our little neighborhood started emailing a “you’re invited” note to everyone. What they asked is everyone bring chairs out to the middle of their driveways and wave and talk (maintaining a respectable social distance) with neighbors. This was a great idea and a lot of fun.

Getting Out

It was nice to just get out and see some of the neighbors. I walked around the block maintaining my distance and saw some of the folks I usually only get to see at the annual homeowners association (HOA) meeting. Seems like everyone was glad to get out and talk and walk around.

The weather has been cool, but Spring is gaining ground and we’ll have a warmer week ahead. So, time on the motorcycle, with fresh air and country roads, will be on the agenda.

In other news, the Spirit Missions books are selling well lately, both ebooks and print books. All three have bounced up to the top ranks in their main categories several times over the last month or so. I’m hoping they are helping teens and young adults during this time. I know I’m reading a lot more lately.

Keep writing!

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