Cover Art Approved

Booktrope approved the cover art for the novel. The designer is getting it in final form. It rocks.

So, I expect I’ll have a reveal soon. Be prepared. It is gonna knock your socks off.

The cover design came out while I was traveling (see link no longer valid), so I wasn’t able to show it to my wife. She saw it this morning and was very excited. I think it captures the drama and sense of dread and uncertainty the characters face. I’m excited, too. Things are coming together quickly. I have a lot of work to do to wrap up the edits and rewrites. So, I’m gonna get busy.

Keep writing.

A Cover Soon?

Sorry for the quiet lately. I’ve been on the road. Still, things are getting done and we had a cover design concept shared on the team site recently. It is exciting to see what someone can put together for a book cover.

Edits are moving along and the timeline seems to be holding together.

I’ll have more information soon. Maybe even a “cover reveal” in the near future?

Stay tuned and keep writing.


Reality is just setting in, now. Got an email and went online to accept payment for my first published short story. Thank you, Neo-Opsis!

For the first time, I can say I’m an author who earned money from a story I wrote. That’s not saying I’m a pro, compared to SFWA’s definition of a pro. But, for me, this is quite an achievement.

I’ve been paid as a newspaperman, for a column in a journal (a small stipend), and some piece work over my lifetime. But, this is my first commercial story sale.

It has been years in coming. New Kid survived a number of submissions and rejections. But, I had faith in it and I kept sending it out. It found a home!

Never get discouraged and never give up.

Keep writing.

New Kid in Print

My first published short story, New Kid, is now in print. Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine Issue #25 is in print and is on the way to mailboxes and stores.

If you ordered a subscription or a copy of this particular magazine, you should see it soon. And, I thank you for your support.

If you didn’t yet order a subscription or copy, you can still do so. More information is available at Neo-Opsis SFM.

I would be interested in knowing what you think of the story. Please post comments here.

New Kid

New Kid, my first accepted short story, will appear in Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine very soon. I just learned that issue #25 is at the printer and we should see copies soon. I’m pretty stoked.

If you want to read the story, or read this particular award-winning Canadian publication, here is a link to the forthcoming issue and an image of the cover:

Issue #25


If you subscribed to the magazine after my post about the story’s acceptance, you will get it in the mail soon. I hope you enjoy it. I hope many folks enjoy it! Thanks for all the support.

Keep writing!