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Yesterday, November 15, I logged more than 25,000 words in my NaNoWriMo project novel. I hit the half-way target on the half-way day. While that is a good thing, it means I still have 25,000 plus words to write to complete NaNoWriMo and be a winner once again.

The novel, it seems, will run a bit over 50,000 words, total. That is fine and I still plan to finish by or before November 30. To do so, I’m going to have to have some 3,000 and 4,ooo word days. Thanksgiving Day is coming and will interfere with the writing days a bit.

As with last year’s NaNoWriMo, I keep trying to ask myself, “And, then what happened?” Story shouldn’t be about long, involved narrative, but about the story. Story is what happens. Sometimes it is what happens to characters, sometimes it is what characters to do make things happen. But, something always happens. Sometimes, things happen that you don’t anticipate, and sometimes that is because the characters start doing things you didn’t anticipate.

This is a young adult, or teen novel and things happen in young lives. Sometimes you have to address young people’s feelings and I’m probably not very good at that. Still, I’m making the attempt. Hope it works.

Also, as I write this sequel to last year’s novel, I realize that I may need to correct some things in that first one to follow better into this novel. So, maybe it is a good thing I haven’t found a publisher?

Keep writing.