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Blessings | Guy L. Pace

In 2007, we received a wonderful Christmas Blessing with the birth of our now 12-year-old granddaughter. We’re celebrating her birthday today and I’m just amazed at the wonderful young woman she’s grown to be.

Her birth holds a special place in our hearts because it came at a time we as a family struggled through the loss of her father. I went to Brazil to try to find him and with a lot of help, prayers, and support, brought his ashes home.

While this granddaughter will never directly know her father, she’ll see a lot of his mannerisms and humor in her older half-brother.

Today we celebrate her 12th birthday and I look back on those years as she grew and changed. Once again, she is a Christmas Blessing. I can’t think of what my life would be like today without her in it.

We love all our grandchildren just as much, so no worries there. They are all blessings in their own ways.

At this Christmas time, I hope you enjoy blessings in your life that make you smile, make you feel warm, loved, and connected.

Merry Christmas.

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