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Saturday, I have the first of a number of readings from Sudden Mission. Check the Events page for the schedule and details.

I haven’t done an interpretive reading since college and I have my share of stage fright. I’m hoping the audience is kind and things go well. Choosing the passage to read, practice, and more practice are on the list for this week.

My editor gave me some positive feedback on the sequel this week. Whew! We are in edit mode, now. Things will get busy with that project so the frequency of blog posts may slow down.

I considered setting up a third novel in this series, doing the planning and all, and writing the first draft in November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). With the edit process going, I decided to put that off. As soon as we are edit complete on the sequel, we will go right into proofread. So, the workload would just be too much.

The current target to release the sequel is February 2, 2016. That may change, but I hope not. I’ll keep you informed on how things are going.

Keep writing.

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