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I created a new book trailer for Sudden Mission and posted it on YouTube and Amazon. It is about 1:04 minutes and has some review quotes and updated info. Here are the links to those videos. The Amazon link takes you to my Author Page there:



I recycled some of the images from the previous trailer, and added pull quotes from some of the reviews. Then I updated the details in the last screen shot so folks can actually find my web site URL and Facebook Author Page.

Honestly, with iMovie and the Mac, making a book trailer is pretty simple. Apple provides some nice one minute audio tracks for us musically challenged types, so I don’t run into copyright issues with clipping audio from protected sources. The longest part of the process is waiting for the export of the final product.

Another option for audio is to find friends who are musically inclined and have them create something for you in GarageBand or similar tool.

If you use video with real people in it, make sure you get model releases signed. I stuck with the simple images and artwork for the book, since we have the rights to it.

The rest is simple in iMovie. Drag and drop the items you want to include, select transitions and play with the timing. Keep it simple. Have fun.

Keep writing.

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