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Broken Links

Broken Links | Guy L. Pace

I cleaned up and/or deleted old posts this week. It turns out that some of the old links included in them were no longer valid (broken links), or led to some not very nice places.

Earlier, I stumbled on a four-year-old post that linked to my original publisher. The link–I checked it–took the browser to a possibly dangerous site. So, prudence dictated that I go through all the older posts.

That was a larger job than I anticipated, but I got it done.

In the process, I discovered that a lot of links used in posts a couple of years ago are no longer active. Who knew things changed so quickly? Businesses come and go and software tools are here one day and gone the next.

So far, the Amazon and Barnes & Noble links work just fine. Whew!

I also found it interesting that review and feature sites for both Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers–even from the old publisher days–are still up and active. Some things just never fade away!

While this exercise was fun, it took a lot of time. From here on, I’m going to review the old posts more frequently and make sure old broken links don’t stay around.

If you run across a link that doesn’t work or goes somewhere you don’t expect, please let me know. I’ll correct that right away.

Keep writing.

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