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As mentioned in a previous post, Error, all written work has some errors, mistakes, and typos. My work is no exception. So, there are a couple of updates.

Updates | Guy L. Pace

I updated Nasty Leftovers and Carolina Dawn recently. I finished the print editions around the first of the year. That was pretty easy as the process to update the text at IngramSpark is straightforward. Easy, I say, as compared to other things. Like free-climbing El Capitan at Yosemite National Park.

Through a couple of events in the last year, I discovered number of issues in those two books and I spent some time to verify and correct them. No, they are not perfect, I’m sure. But they are better. Unfortunately, for print readers, I can’t remotely or automatically update their copy.

The real challenge came when I went after the Amazon ebook editions. Now, the advantage of ebooks is that if you make changes, updates, or corrections, they’re available to the reader as soon as they’re approved. Simple, right?



I published Sudden Mission, Nasty Leftovers, and Carolina Dawn using the tools that created Amazon Kindle specific .mobi files. Well, Amazon changed it all up. I now had to use Kindle Create. It’s a different process, and the tool is still in beta so things may or may not work correctly. Rather than compile a formatted book directly to a Kindle file, I now have to compile to book to a Word document (.doc or .docx) and then load it up and format it in Kindle Create. It’s almost like rewriting the entire thing.

I get frustrated with these processes because I like to keep the originating document (the Scrivener file) as the core source material. This Amazon app breaks that concept.

The learning curve for Kindle Create is pretty high, too, since it is changing as we go. I’m not familiar with the terminology in play. I prefer doing all the formatting and everything in Scrivener, then compiling to the finished file format. So, Nasty Leftovers is currently pretty plain, while Carolina Dawn has a bit more visual formatting on Amazon. I’ll fix that in the near future. Fortunately, the update process for the reader is painless.

In the meantime, I’m going to prep all three books in ebook format to go back onto Kobo, iBooks, and Nook. Online sellers who also offer print editions have been carrying all three even while the ebooks have been exclusive to Kindle. While sales of the books weren’t great on those outside Amazon, I decided being exclusive just wasn’t getting it done.

Keep writing.

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