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My wife and I have wanted to take a trip to the ocean (Pacific here) for some time. We’ve had to cancel reservations over the last year and a half for various reasons, not all because of the pandemic. But, now we got away.

The first morning, I got away and walked to the beach with the camera. The pic to the right is a bald eagle that flew by in the low clouds. He was looking for some breakfast in the low tide tide-pools. Yeah, he found some.

Bald Eagle

But, he wasn’t sharing (pic on left). Notice how he gave me that challenging look as I approached him on the beach. He was holding on to his catch and wasn’t going to share. Shortly after this pick, he flew off.

Many years ago–it almost seems like a different life, now–I got to go on a charter out of Illwaco, WA, to do some salmon fishing. It was a fun trip and I caught a really nice, large salmon. There were challenges, though. The person who held all our tickets for the charter, left them in the car. We didn’t know about that until we were out into the ocean and had to turn around and come back. The skipper of the charter wasn’t very happy about that.

It still worked out okay, though. We caught salmon, then did some bottom fishing when we limited out, and it was a beautiful day.


Our visit into Westport, WA the other day, brought back memories of that salmon fishing trip. This little community is pretty bustling these days. It was a Saturday, so the town was humming with activity, shops were packed, and fishing boats were coming in and out of the marina.

Of course, we had to visit the Westport Lighthouse. I mean, when there is a lighthouse you go to see it, right?

Westport Lighthouse

We had breakfast earlier in an old, historic hotel in Tokeland, then drove on the beach some coming back. Lots of kite flyers were out, as were beachcombers. The marine layer was beginning to clear off with the breeze and sun, but fog lingered in places.

In the Fog

We enjoyed the visit with friends and some family and got home tired and happy. Hope you may have had some quality time in places you love.

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