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Well, I have to share the sad news that I must increase the retail pricing for the print editions of the Spirit Missions books. As of November 6, all three go from $10.95 to $12.95 US. International pricing will increase similarly.

Currently, Amazon is selling the titles at a significant discount to clear its inventory. Now would be a good time to get a deal in time for Christmas.

The price increase comes as the print-on-demand company, IngramSpark, had to raise its costs. Since I purposely set the pricing for my books with a very thin margin, I would have had to pay IngramSpark some small amount for every book sold after November 6, 2021.

Yeah, they twisted my arm.

Actually, compared to a lot of similar books, the Spirit Missions series is pretty affordable. I’ve seen many similar books priced much higher.

This does put some fuel to the fire for restructuring how BugBear Books markets both the print and electronic books. Amazon requires that I market ebooks exclusively on their platform to participate in Kindle Unlimited. I’ve had some royalties from Amazon for ebook sales, but I’ve seen little from Kindle Unlimited even though quite a few readers have read my books on that program. Of course, the Internal Revenue Service thinks I don’t pay enough taxes on the meager Amazon royalties.

So, I’m examining a broader, more worldwide, marketing channel for the ebooks and not going exclusive with Amazon. I’m also working on an ebook version of Dad’s memoir.

I’ll post information about the changes as they come.

Keep writing.