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I’d like to find the perfect writer’s tool. Do you know what that would be? It would be something that would help get the things of life out of the way, taken care of, so I could spend the necessary hours at the workstation writing.

This wonderful tool would deal with the transportation of grandchildren to and from school, sports events, and back to their homes.

This perfect tool would handle doctor appointments, dental appointments, grocery shopping and similar tasks. It would leave me to the writing.

But, this tool does not exist and I can’t afford a personal assistant. So I deal with life’s events, tasks and appointments instead of sitting at the workstation, writing. Many of those events, though, I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thus, I again missed another arbitrary deadline. I don’t accept this as failure. I accept this as just part of life and an opportunity to check in, reset and try again. So, I’ll do just that.

In the meantime, I’ve sent the first novel to a professional editor for a “substantive edit.” I hope this means that the resulting work–after I do the suggested changes and edits–will be ready for either self-publishing, or an agent/editor in the traditional publishing path. Still, one short story is on a short list and another is making the rounds.

So, now to get back to the writing.

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