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Christmas is coming, as are a couple of birthdays, and a lot of family and church events. We come to the end of another year and are thankful for our family being safe and whole while enduring a historic storm. I’m also thankful for finding Vox Dei Publishing, and getting Sudden Mission accepted, edited, and published. This has been quite a year.


I’ve had a couple of readings and signings, and plan to do a lot more after the first of the year. I’m about half-way through edit for Nasty Leftovers, the sequel. I’m thinking things are getting good and we’re still on track for a possible end-of-March 2016 release date.

I don’t plan to post any more until 2016, unless I get a bug and write another short-short for the season. We’ll see. There is an idea germinating and it may burst forth soon.

I wish you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2016.

Keep writing.