Book Clubs

Conference | Guy L. Pace

I got a chance to talk to a book club composed of young ladies in California this week, via a conference video call. Yeah, we’re living in the future.

Conference | Guy L. Pace

It was fun connecting with readers and folks interested in writing. They had a number of good questions and I did my best to provide good, interesting answers. Most of the members are the age of the main characters in my books, and some are writing their own material.

Talking to young people interested in writing and telling stories always energizes me. It’s fun seeing the promise of young writers.


This caused me to look back on my own life and the path I took. I always wanted to write, but the military and the need to support a family took precedence. Finally, in my later years, here I am with three books on the market. It feels good

The important thing is, never give up. It may take most of your life, with lots of things getting in the way, but as long as you keep trying, keep writing, you’ll get there.

Like anything else worth doing in life, if you don’t keep after it, you may never accomplish it.

Keep writing.