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It has been a long, busy week. Launch day for Sudden Mission was last Tuesday. WorldCon 2015 (Sasquan), the Hugos (yes, I voted), selling my book at an author table, signing my book for buyers — it’s all a blur now.

A friend took this at the Artist/Author Alley at WordCon, Thursday.

I met a number of other authors, a few also with Booktrope and its imprints. Bought a few books, traded a few books, and now I have a stack that will keep me in reading material for months. I also picked up a number of little trinkets for grandchildren and they love them.

At the Hugo Awards Ceremony, I sat next to a gentleman who currently works in information technology at a company I used to work for. We also knew some of the same people. How random is that?

The most frustrating part of last week involved shipping delays. I had ordered postcard-sized promotional media to hand out at the convention and other locations. The cards left the printer, second day air freight, on the 14th and didn’t arrive until the 21st. The tracking code showed the package left Arizona, went to Texas, then to Kentucky, back to Texas (two locations), then they figured out it needed to come to Washington. The package got to Spokane, and the driver couldn’t find my address.

I could have arranged for a Harley rider to bring it more quickly. Maybe I’ll arrange that for future shipments.

Still, I found meeting readers, other writers, artists, and folks in general fun and enriching. I’m planning to play a larger role in the local science fiction convention scene, as well as do some readings and signings in local establishments. Maybe I’ll get to other WorldCons in the future.

Now I will try to get back to rewriting and editing on the sequel to Sudden Mission and some other work.

For those of you who bought and read Sudden Mission (I know there are a couple of you), please take a few minutes to enter a rating on Goodreads or a review on Amazon. A little effort on your part goes a long way to helping a good book succeed. And, thank you.

Keep writing.

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