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The novel was recently rejected by a small science fiction press.

To be honest, I didn’t really think it fit there, but they did ask for it after I pitched. So, I went through the process with them. I’ve toyed with the whole self-publish thing since hearing back on the novel and was about to jump in with both feet when a friend recommended I check out another small publisher who uses a team-based model. I read the web site and looked over the books they publish and they actually have a Christian imprint that looks like a good fit for my little novel. So, I submitted.

So, again we wait. According to my friend, though, this wait won’t be months long. Just a few weeks, she said.

In the meantime, the novelette was again rejected. The market for novelettes is sparse, so I don’t know if I’ll try submitting it again. I’m thinking I’ll pull together all the related short stories and the novelette and self-publish that on Amazon as a $0.99 e-book only. It may help build some readership and get those stories pulling their share of the load.

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