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This is a little blatant promotion, today.

The magazine that accepted my story, “New Kid,” is Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, out of Victoria, BC, Canada. The magazine’s publishing schedule has been a bit erratic of late, due to a number of personal blows in this family run operation. Normally, they publish three or four times a year. Still, they are surviving and will be shipping the next issue, #24, in the next few days.

If you like good science fiction, you can buy a single copy, a three-issue subscription, six-issue, and up. If you want to catch my story (I don’t yet know in which issue it will appear), you would be making a safe bet by getting the three issue sub, starting with the current issue, or the next issue.

I know, I’m promoting them and I’m being bit self-serving. Still, I want you to get a chance to see the story in print. I’m happy they chose it and found it good enough to include in their magazine. I did buy a short subscription when I submitted my story, and after reading through issue #23, I worried that they would reject me. The quality of the work is very high, much more so than you might expect in a market that is “semi-pro” pay.

Here is the web site for buying subscriptions:

Thank you, in advance, for your support and know that I really appreciate it.

I hope there are more blog entries like this and I can share more stories with you.

Keep writing.

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