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I’m finding it hard to get motivated lately. Summer came early here and temps are in the triple digits now. Lack of rain is damaging agricultural crops and and the heat is keeping folks indoors in air conditioned spaces.

I’m checking the weather apps on my phone regularly and playing with the sprinkler controller to keep the lawn sort of green. Otherwise, I’m making some plans.

It turns out that the company that produces my print copies of the Spirit Missions books, IngramSpark, added ebooks to the offered services. So, I’m working on migrating the ebook production of all my books to IngramSpark. I plan to move Dad’s memoir for both print and ebook to IngramSpark, too.

What this means

All the ebook and print-on-demand services for all the books published under BugBear Books will be centralized with IngramSpark. Distribution of both versions of all books will be done through IngramSpark. Ebooks will no longer be exclusive to Amazon/Kindle, thus not available in Kindle Unlimited. I thought KU would be a good thing, but little revenue was generated through that service. However, ebooks–as with print–will be available via ebook vendors across the spectrum and worldwide.

I’m also considering adding a direct sales capability from this web site, limited to signed copies of the Spirit Missions books for now. This also means I have to maintain a bit more in-house inventory. This will take a little work and planning and I don’t expect it to be done until September or October. So stay tuned.

So, stay cool and keep writing!

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