My editor, Brandi, and I are most of the way through the edits and revisions of my draft of Nasty Leftovers (sequel to Sudden Mission).  The working title seems to have stuck and the team hasn’t come up with another title. Oh, well.

So we are on track and may even be ahead a little. I’m thankful for my editor. She has a unique view on my work and brings the hard edge of critique to her edits and suggestions. In all cases, her work has made my work sharper, cleaner, more exciting, and stronger.

We’re in the second novel working together and she now will often just provide a comment at a point in the manuscript where she thinks we should do something different, add a character, add some emotional language. Then she turns me loose to make the changes or additions as I see fit and we smooth things out from there.

I hope and pray that I get to keep Brandi for the third volume, and any other projects I submit to Booktrope and Vox Dei.

As I dreamed of being a published author all those years before, I had no idea what it would be like to work with an editor. During the early revisions of Sudden Mission, I was almost terrified what the editor would think of my approach to some of the changes she suggested. I discovered that an editor is the most important person for an author in a writing project. Sudden Mission became a stronger, more powerful story thanks to her efforts.

Now, when I bring revisions and rewrites to Brandi, I make an effort to use the Oxford Comma, allow my characters to feel and express more, and shake off some of my old lazy-writer habits. I think she makes me a better writer. That’s a good thing.

If you are an aspiring author–still unpublished–this is a relationship to look forward to. You do have to kick your ego to the side and let the editor bring his or her ideas forward. You will be glad you did.

Keep writing.

P.S. I’m still undisciplined and a procrastinator. But, I’m working on that.



Christmas is coming, as are a couple of birthdays, and a lot of family and church events. We come to the end of another year and are thankful for our family being safe and whole while enduring a historic storm. I’m also thankful for finding Vox Dei Publishing, and getting Sudden Mission accepted, edited, and published. This has been quite a year.

decorated-tree2I’ve had a couple of readings and signings, and plan to do a lot more after the first of the year. I’m about half-way through edit for Nasty Leftovers, the sequel. I’m thinking things are getting good and we’re still on track for a possible end-of-March 2016 release date.

I don’t plan to post any more until 2016, unless I get a bug and write another short-short for the season. We’ll see. There is an idea germinating and it may burst forth soon.

I wish you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2016.

Keep writing.


It Is Launch Day!

Sudden Mission CoverToday, August 18, is Sudden Mission launch day! The novel is released. Officially.

I say officially because Sudden Mission has been available at Amazon, Nook and Apple iBook for a few days. Yesterday, I had the pleasant surprise of finding the book ranked number one in its category on Amazon. And the day before, it got its first five star review! So, things are already moving along and the book is about to ride a wave of momentum.

Sudden Mission hit #1!

Sudden Mission hit #1!


Get Your Copy!

You can purchase your copy in ebook or print from these links on the Sudden Mission page.


Still, this is launch day and we have some fun things going on. We have a Rafflecopter giveaway! This is for a $25 Amazon gift card.

If you are on Goodreads, we are giving away two signed paperback copies. This is being set up by my wonderful book manager. I don’t know the specific details, other than they are paperback copies, I sign them, and they are free to whoever wins. That contest ends on September 18, 2015. You need to have a free Goodreads account to enter.

The giveaway on Goodreads is here.

Blog Tour

Then there is the blog tour:

Blog Tour – August 18th to August 21, 2015

August 19 – Seraphina Reads – Guest Post

August 21 – 2 More Than Just Coffee – Review

August 24 – The Teacher’s Friend – Review (This link is currently broken. It will be restored when the site is repaired.)

August 26 – 4 Amusing Musings (this one never showed)– Review

August 27 – Whispering Winds – Guest Post

August 28 – Kids Read Too! – Review

The guest posts are little guest blog entries I’ve offered up. The reviews are, I hope, glowing and positive.

If you check the Events Page, you’ll see I’m planning to sell and sign at WordCon here in Spokane. I’m also scheduled for the Montana Book Festival September 10-12.


I want to thank the folks at Vox Dei Publishing for their professional effort and support: Heather Huffman, Kathy Marks, Sophie Thomas, Scott Deyett and Brandi Midkiff. I also want to thank the folks at Booktrope who had a hand in helping this project along. This is an amazing operation and great new publishing model.

If you want to set up review copies of the book, or arrange for an interview, guest blog or anything along those lines, please contact Kathy, below. She can make those arrangement.

Publishing/Marketing Contact

Kathy Marks
Book Marketing Manager
Booktrope Publishing


Our name rhymes with Fox Day. We’re an imprint of Booktrope, a new type of publishing company founded in 2011 in Seattle, WA, that’s pioneering a model called team publishing. Our mission at Vox Dei is to provide books for a primarily Christian audience that edify and entertain, encourage and inspire. While Christian themes are woven throughout our fiction, our purpose is not to preach a sermon but rather provide a quality alternative to the secular market for entertainment. Our non-fiction titles are intended to help readers explore the Bible in a more personal way and grow in their walk with Christ, while being informal in voice and approach. Whether fiction or non, our goal is to shine the light and love that is central to the Christian faith into a dark and messy world. Learn more at

Keep writing.