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I set up a gift code on Amazon for an e-book of Nasty Leftovers. On September 30, I will randomly select from my blog subscriber list someone who will receive this code.

Building and this list is important. It helps me get the message out about my books and projects. Those of you subscribed get the blog posts right away. You stay informed about the books, what’s coming, what’s happening. Folks not subscribed may miss a post that is also shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or elsewhere. Imagine your frustration if you miss a reading/signing event in your town or at your favorite bookstore!

So, if you are already subscribed, thank you. Encourage friends and family to subscribe. If you’re not subscribed, just click the little subscribe link on the page and subscribe. Simple.

I do not share any information, the list, or any personal information with any one else.

If you already have a copy of Nasty Leftovers and you end up the winner of the gift code, no worries. You can forward that to a friend or relative. Spread the love.

Don’t forget. If you live or are in Spokane this week, I’m reading/signing at Auntie’s Bookstore downtown at 7 pm, Thursday, September 15.


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We’re moved. After a couple of weeks between two houses, fixing stuff in one, moving stuff to the other: we’re done. No, all the boxes are not unpacked, but we’re all in one house.

Blinds showed up. Damaged.
Blinds showed up. Damaged.

I’ll not go into all the details of trying to get Internet, TV and other services, as well as getting new things delivered and installed. Some of that was just a nightmare. We hoped to have one more thing delivered today, but I had to refuse it. Too damaged. We must now seek other options.

This is my excuse for being so quiet here and on social media for the last several weeks. Still, I managed to work with Scott some and we have a logo design just about ready. I’ll preview that on this blog as soon as we have the full color image.

Since I now have Internet again and can use resources, I’ll be getting the print versions of the Spirit Missions books ready. More details on that will follow.

I edited the Events page, so check it out. The Montana Book Festival in Missoula is shaping up. I also have another reading scheduled at Auntie’s in downtown Spokane. Hope to have the print editions going and available in time for those.


First Friday

First Friday

Last night was First Friday in Spokane. This is a promoted set of events in downtown Spokane and I arranged with Bobby Enslow of Indaba Coffee to do a reading of Nasty Leftovers.

But, First Friday is actually a three-hour thing, 5 to 8 pm. There was no way I could read and talk for three hours. We trimmed the time to two hours, but that was still too much. A friend, Nicole Lewis, suggested we bring in a musical duo, Blue Eyed Minds, to provide some musical entertainment. That sounded like a wonderful idea. Annika and Darby are very talented musicians and did a great job, especially since this was their first public performance outside of a party.

Blue Eyed Minds
Blue Eyed Minds, Annika and Darby.

Nicole even did a short set of some of her new work.

So, we had music and literature. And a lot of fun. One of the great things was Annika and Darby and some of the friends they brought along are right in the target demographic of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers readership! We are exploring similar music/literature mix events in other venues in Spokane.

There is an update on the Barnes & Noble event in Twin Falls, Idaho. I’ll be at the bookstore on April 16 from noon to 4, maybe 5, pm. If you are in the Southern Idaho area and can make it to that event, please stop by! Check back on the Events page for updates.

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