At last week’s SpoCon 2019, the Grown Folks Kids Show (a Spokane-local podcast about comics, movies and such) asked to interview me. The topic was Spider-Man and the early (1960’s) origin story and characters. It was fun, if a lot ad lib. I had no prep for this other than some earlier discussion in a panel.

The guys from GFKS are Andre (Dre) Ervin and Charles (The Great Gunny) Brown. We were in a panel together earlier in the convention discussing the Marvel Universe.

This link should get you to the audio.


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Covers | Guy L. Pace

SpoCon 2019

Covers | Guy L. Pace
The Spirit Missions Series

It’s been a very busy summer and I’m looking forward to attending SpoCon 2019. The topics list and schedule came together thanks to the incredible efforts of Deby Fredericks.

Once again, I’m one of the “speakers” at SpoCon. This year, the convention is in the Historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, WA, August 9-11, 2019.

My participation is listed on the Events page and I’ll keep that up to date over the next few weeks. The schedule is final, according to Deby. There may be some minor changes.

I’m excited to participate in panels on topics such as getting to Mars, Exoplanets, Supernatural (the TV series), and Social Engineering.

My books will be in the Marmot Market, if you are looking for my paperbacks. I have a reading on Sunday, the 11th, where I plan to read from Carolina Dawn, the last book in the Spirit Missions series.

If you can, I encourage you to attend this convention. The list of speakers includes great, fun people who bring incredible ideas from a variety of background. I’m fortunate and blessed to share panel tables with many of them.

Hope to see you there!

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