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Another Giveaway

Another Giveaway (Expired) Nasty Leftovers goes on Amazon Giveaway today and for the next ten days (if it lasts that long). Here is the link: Amazon Giveaway If you already have a copy of Nasty Leftovers, you can still enter and if you win, make the ebook copy a gift to someone. Keep writing.

Character Sketches

Character Sketches Character sketches are outlines that offer huge insight into a fictional personality used in a story. In my case, my sketches grow and refine as I go along. When a character first comes along, I set up a sketch that provides some background and back story that helps round out who that person Continue Reading

Price Promo

Price Promo Sudden Mission goes on sale for $0.99 today (or tonight or tomorrow, depending on when the price kicks in) on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and iBooks! This price promo is good through Wednesday morning, July 27. Again, that depends on time zones and how quickly the price change takes on the various vendors. If you’ve Continue Reading

Preparing for Relaunch

Preparing Relaunch I’m in the middle of preparing to relaunch the e-book versions of Sudden Mission and Nasty Leftovers as soon after May 31 as possible. I’ll relaunch the print versions shortly after, probably about mid-June. BugBear Books is an official trade name, and I have the accounts on Amazon, iBook, Nook, and Kobo set up. Continue Reading


Faith “Faith, I can move the mountain” — Hillsong One reviewer of Sudden Mission commented on how young the protagonists were and how ready they were to take on the tasks and challenges. The reviewer was skeptical. I don’t usually respond to a reviewer, other than to thank them. And, really, I’m not responding to or Continue Reading

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