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Imagine, if you will, spending every day, every week, every month for years in a cell ten feet by six feet. You have a limited view of anything remotely resembling the outside. Your only contact with fresh air is the small time you spend in the exercise yard each day. You might share this cell Continue Reading

Desperate Times

Lee Frank Harrison That’s the name of my maternal grandfather. According to Social Security and Montana death records, he passed away in August, 1978, in Browning, Montana. Let’s start at the beginning. Lee Frank Harrison was born in Green Prairie, Morrison County, Minnesota, to Henry and May (Edden) Harrison on December 15, 1896. For some Continue Reading


Moved! We’re moved. After a couple of weeks between two houses, fixing stuff in one, moving stuff to the other: we’re done. No, all the boxes are not unpacked, but we’re all in one house. I’ll not go into all the details of trying to get Internet, TV and other services, as well as getting Continue Reading


Relaunching As of today, Sudden Mission is on schedule to relaunch tomorrow. Nasty Leftovers is still in the works and I hope to have it up tomorrow or June 2. Both books will be available in ebook form on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Nook (assuming Barnes & Noble gets on the stick and verifies my Continue Reading

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