Patience | Guy L. Pace


Patience is a virtue. Supposedly. Well, I guess. It always brings me back to the old printed poster we saw in the “head shops” of the early 1970’s.



It is a new year. With it comes new challenges, new opportunities, and new adventures.

Christmas Harley
Happy New Year, 2016!

For me, this year will see the publication of the second novel in the Sudden Mission chronicles of Paul and Amy. I’m really looking forward to getting Nasty Leftovers out to readers. Stay tuned and be prepared for a late March launch from Vox Dei Publishing.

I’m still working on the third novel. So far, it’s an exciting and educational adventure to write. I plan to write it from Amy’s point of view. She’s turned into a powerful young woman and is going to turn things on their head.

I’m planning some library visits, readings, and talks, as well as some other reading/signing events in coffee shops and bookstores. Keep checking back for updates in the Events page. If something is happening in your neighborhood, please come by. Get a book signed, visit, ask questions. You might be surprised at where I’ll show up!

I plan to fill this year with writing, editing, rewriting, more editing, revisions, proofreading–and some motorcycle riding. I look forward to it. I hope you join me on the journey when you can.

Keep writing.



Christmas is coming, as are a couple of birthdays, and a lot of family and church events. We come to the end of another year and are thankful for our family being safe and whole while enduring a historic storm. I’m also thankful for finding Vox Dei Publishing, and getting Sudden Mission accepted, edited, and published. This has been quite a year.

decorated-tree2I’ve had a couple of readings and signings, and plan to do a lot more after the first of the year. I’m about half-way through edit for Nasty Leftovers, the sequel. I’m thinking things are getting good and we’re still on track for a possible end-of-March 2016 release date.

I don’t plan to post any more until 2016, unless I get a bug and write another short-short for the season. We’ll see. There is an idea germinating and it may burst forth soon.

I wish you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2016.

Keep writing.