The cover reveal is July 6, 2015.

I’m working with the team at Vox Dei Publications to finalize things and we are about to complete the format of the book. A newsletter will go our to bloggers and reviewers on Monday, July 6, with details of Sudden Mission and at the same time, we will reveal the cover here and in other media.

A litte more than a month from the cover reveal, the book will be released. It seemed so far away at the beginning.

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Find out more about Booktrope and Vox Dei Publishing. If you are looking for a home for your books and stories, check them out.


Release Date

We pushed the release date for my book, Sudden Mission, a couple of weeks to August 18. Travel and some other things delayed some work. Still, there will be a cover soon and we’ll have the editing done in a couple of weeks, then the final proofreading starts. The Booktrope Vox Dei team is a wonderful group to work with and the team members are doing a great job. This has been a fantastic experience for me, working with this group. They are dedicated professionals all, and put forward their best work.

I think Booktrope may have hit on a publishing model that will be the standard for publishing in the future.

If you are on Goodreads, Sudden Mission by Guy L. Pace is listed now and you can put it on your “want to read” list. There is no cover art, yet, but there is a little blurb on the Goodreads listing. We’ll post more information there as the book becomes available.

In between edits and rewrites, I’m getting the second novel, Nasty Leftovers ready to offer up to Vox Dei. I’m glad I waited a bit on this, as the edits and rewrites on Sudden Mission impact some of the story on Nasty Leftovers. A lot of the work I’m doing there involves continuity and consistency edits.

Along with the release date, there will be a cover reveal soon–and it is really cool! I also plan to set up a launch party somewhere in the Spokane area. Of course, this will be interesting as the release date is the day before Sasquan (WorldCon 2015) starts in Spokane.

My calendar fills up. I’m retired and I’m busier than when I was working. Bet you haven’t heard that before.

Keep writing.


Cover Art Approved

Booktrope approved the cover art for the novel. The designer is getting it in final form. It rocks.

So, I expect I’ll have a reveal soon. Be prepared. It is gonna knock your socks off.

The cover design came out while I was traveling (see link no longer valid), so I wasn’t able to show it to my wife. She saw it this morning and was very excited. I think it captures the drama and sense of dread and uncertainty the characters face. I’m excited, too. Things are coming together quickly. I have a lot of work to do to wrap up the edits and rewrites. So, I’m gonna get busy.

Keep writing.