Awaiting Dates

Awaiting Dates

Nasty Leftovers is in proofreading. I’m on pins and needles.

Then, yesterday, a review of Sudden Mission from Peter Younghusband, Australia, came out. The excitement is building. Here is the link to that review:

Booktrope (parent of my publisher Vox Dei) approved the cover concept. And, Scott Deyett, who did such a bang-up job on Sudden Mission, is hard at work getting the art for the Nasty Leftovers cover ready. This’ll be great!

Due to holidays and schedules, we’ll likely push the publication date from the original March 22 (proposed way back last fall), to early April. I’m waiting to get confirmation on that date. I have a few events to schedule around that.

I’m also working on a concept for the book trailer.

I also need to get writing on the third installment.

And, I have some granddaughters I must totally spoil for Valentine’s Day.

Looks like a busy next couple of months.

Here’s a little taste of Nasty Leftovers, just to whet your reading appetite.

“Hello, William,” Paul said. “I’m …”

“Paul,” William said. “And she is Amy. I know.”

Something felt unsettling to Paul. William was far more clear-headed than any of the other survivors they had brought in, but he was off-putting in voice and manner, and his face was hard.

“I see,” Paul said. “May we ask you a few questions?”

The man smiled, a cold, confident smile that chilled Paul’s blood. “You can ask me whatever you like.”

“How do you know who we are? Did someone here tell you?”

“No, I know who you are because he told me,” William said.

“He?” Paul said. “He, who?”

“The magnificent ruler of this place, his highness.”

“Do you know his name?”


Paul waited. William just looked at him, then gave another contemptuous smile. “Do you actually expect me to give it to you? Really, Paul, you are such a child.”

Paul felt like a child. He felt small and weak and hopelessly outclassed.

“Do you—do you remember when we found you and brought you here a few days ago?” Amy asked. Her voice sounded uncertain and Paul suspected she’d spoken just to change the subject.

“Of course,” William said. “I was deliberately taken to a location where you would find me and bring me in.”

Paul suspected as much, but hearing the words made him uneasy. The demon wanted William to be here. It was all part of his plan.

“Yes, Paul. It is his plan. You should have stayed in your little community with your gardens, your solar power, and your church and friends. This mission was just a supreme waste of lives, fuel, and time. You have no hope of clearing this city. It belongs to my master and will stay that way.”

Keep writing.



A New Book Trailer

I created a new book trailer for Sudden Mission and posted it on YouTube and Amazon. It is about 1:04 minutes and has some review quotes and updated info. Here are the links to those videos. The Amazon link takes you to my Author Page there:



I recycled some of the images from the previous trailer, and added pull quotes from some of the reviews. Then I updated the details in the last screen shot so folks can actually find my web site URL and Facebook Author Page.

Honestly, with iMovie and the Mac, making a book trailer is pretty simple. Apple provides some nice one minute audio tracks for us musically challenged types, so I don’t run into copyright issues with clipping audio from protected sources. The longest part of the process is waiting for the export of the final product.

Another option for audio is to find friends who are musically inclined and have them create something for you in GarageBand or similar tool.

If you use video with real people in it, make sure you get model releases signed. I stuck with the simple images and artwork for the book, since we have the rights to it.

The rest is simple in iMovie. Drag and drop the items you want to include, select transitions and play with the timing. Keep it simple. Have fun.

Keep writing.


Book Trailer

We released the book trailer for Sudden Mission today.


OK, I have to admit that this is not a professionally done trailer. I did it myself and had a lot of fun doing it. It is just about a minute long and I did my best to keep it flowing and tight, as well as keep from giving too much away. I hope you enjoy it.

It is on YouTube, so you can watch all you want. Make any comments, criticisms or suggestions you want. I can take it. Really.

My seven-year-old granddaughter inspired me to make this trailer on my own. She’s been a movie making maniac of late, using iMovie on her and my wife’s iPads. This got me thinking. I’ve done some work in iMovie before; converting and editing video for other projects (mostly training stuff), so I understood the basics of putting something together without using the iMovie trailer templates. I dug into iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, and a few other tools to put this together. Like I said, this is not a professionally done trailer, but I had fun doing it and will probably do it again for the next book. It isn’t as hard as it looks and the results are great.

So, enjoy!

And, keep writing.